Faithbridge Church

While we enjoy being together in our various church activities, we know that there are many who still do not know the Lord.  Here you can find some helpful tools for you to witness to others, and information about the Missionaries and Missions Work that our church supports.   Check out our missionary directory.

Evangelism Resources

  • Evangelism In The Workplace

    Passive outreach opportunities can actually be more effective in business situations when confrontational or more direct presentations of the Gospel are not readily received. Check out this article to give you a few creative ideas...

  • Outreach Parties: Let's Play Ball!

    Sports is such a huge part of our society today. Why not utilize your gift of people and resources to be a blessing to others in your community?

  • An Awesome God!

    In a recent ministry trip I just happened to notice the different kinds of shoes in the airport. As you can imagine, people are everywhere and it seems as though no two people have on the same kind of...