Faithbridge Church

Who We Are

Faithbridge Church exists to bring people to Jesus Christ. We seek to include people from all over the south-east Houston area, to win them to Jesus Christ, and to empower them for service. As a Spirit-filled fellowship we seek the leading of the Spirit and expect the operation of the gifts in our services. We desire to be a worship center for all people, a training center for believers, and a place for Christian service. We want to help believers find acceptance in the fellowship of the church, without the guilt of past entanglements, and help them grow in maturity and discipleship.

 Our History -- A Brief Overview

Deer Park Assembly of God was founded in 1945. It started in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henderson located on Twelfth Street in Deer Park. Later that year, the church bought property located at Twelfth and Center Street. A small building was on this property. This was the church. All Sunday school classes, adult to children, were all in one room. The room was divided into small parts, so each class would have a place to meet. The church had no piano, but they did have a pump organ to sing with. Bro. Weatherford was the first pastor. The congregation was maybe fifteen or twenty people.

In 1956, the old building was torn down and a new church with separate Sunday school rooms was built. Bro. Leatherwood was the pastor. The congregation had grown to about thirty-five or forty people. The church officials were not called deacons, but Trustees. The name Trustees was changed to Deacons in the 70's.

Our Children's Church was started about 1955. The children would come in the Sunday morning service and sing and play instruments each week. They were called the "Booster Band". The Women's Ministries Dept. was started in 1956 with about fifteen girls. Alta Smith and Peggy Deisher started the Missionettes program. Royal Rangers started in 1967.

In 1969, property was bought, and a new bigger church was built. This church was located at 310 W. "P" Street. Deer Park Assembly of God remained on P Street until 1999.

In 1998 the Food Lion grocery store at the intersection of Center St. and Spencer Hwy, closed its doors. The Pastor and board quickly moved to make the necessary arrangements to buy the property and begin the remodeling process. In October 1999, 36,000 square feet were dedicated to the Lord as Deer Park Assembly of God's new home.

In 2000 the church family voted to change the name of the church to Faithbridge Church.

The pastors of the church were:                                                                                                                             1946 -- Bro. Weatherford
1950 -- Bro. J.P. McGuire
1955 -- Bro. Ralph Leatherwood
1958 -- Bro. Bob White
1961 -- Bro. Bob Summers
1963 -- Bro. Larry Godfrey
1967 -- Bro. Olan Gower
1987 -- Bro. David Way
1995 -- Bro. J. Sidney Watson
2001 -- Bro. Tracy Rodrigue

2007 -- Rev. John Dodd News & Information

  • A Centennial Pilgrimage to Hot Springs

    Approximately 300 people gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Assemblies of God in Hot Springs, Arkansas, April 10-11. In addition to honoring the past and retracing the steps of the founding members of the Assemblies of God, those present experienced a powerful prayer and worship service, where the gifts of the Spirit were evident.

  • Plans for August AG Centennial Moving Forward

    The Assemblies of God Centennial Celebration will take place August 5-10 in Springfield, Missouri. All services will be live-streamed and a prayer initiative called "Flock: Soar Together" will be offered for the 10 weeks leading up to the centennial event.

  • TV Versions of End Times Don't Line Up with the Biblical View

    Although there are plenty of reality television shows about preparing for the end of the world, none of them seem to understand or line-up with the reality of what the Bible says the end times will bring — spiritual preparation is the only hope!

  • From Fame to Faith: The Anthony Greve Story

    The lead guitar in the hard rock band, Pop Evil, Tony Greve seemingly had the world by the tail, but nothing — the fame, the women, the drugs, the partying — could fill the emptiness inside of him. Then he encountered Christ and hope came alive, but his journey was not without serious challenges!

  • Light for the Lost Brings Hope to Rwanda and Beyond

    Just 20 years ago, the Rwanda Assemblies of God was nearly wiped out. Today, the church is flourishing with more than 40,000 believers and 150 established churches. Light for the Lost is playing a key role in supplying churches and leaders in Rwanda with the resources they need to reach people for Christ.